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Stars have aligned

The moon even grinned

Time has stopped

and the wind shivered

Her eyes scream chaos

His lips whisper warmth

With their every step,

Cupid is delighted

The golden arrow laughed

and shone as it flew

It entangled them forever

and knotted their hearts together

Her eyes glistened with life

His lips quivered in awe

Their fates intertwined

as the world watched

She continued walking

And he looked at her back

—disappearing from his view

under the blinking street lights

He gave up waiting

but she turned around

and he was nowhere to be found

behind the busy cars

Cupid consoles the disheartened Time

for he has planned everything

right from the start

until the promising ending

Cupid snapped his fingers

and the whole word became the audience

as destiny worked its magic

once again, in a coffee shop

He stared at her

but this time,

she threw him a glance.



"You need to get lost before you find yourself" likes: coffee ☕ || rain ☔ || books 📚 || music 🎧 || writing at 2 AM :)

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