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speech on art

Art can fill voids. Art is therapeutic. Art is an escape. Art makes up everything. Without art, we will all feel lost like a tiny black dot drawn on a white canvas. People should understand that life is nothing without art. Our lives will be boring without watching a single episode or television show. There will not be a reason to wake up every day if there are no books to read. There will be no reason to live if there is no art.

Most people, nowadays, think that art is not important and being an artist is not a profession. They think of an artist as someone who is doing his or her hobby when in fact, an artist is a very talented person who is capable of doing his passion and earn money at the same time. People do not value artists as much as they value lawyers and doctors when in fact, all of those are professions.

How do I say this? One time, while scrolling on Facebook, (I know I was not supposed to believe anything on the internet but still) I saw a picture labelled with: “Top 5 Useless Courses”. I actually frowned when I saw that “Fine Arts” was number one on the list. Questions flooded my mind and all I can think was: why can’t people value art as much as they value law courses?.

Everyone loves movies and who do you think made those movies happen? Movies are made by film makers and those film makers studied Fine Arts. People love designer bags and then degrade the designers (artists) who made them. Everywhere you go, you’ll hear music sung by various singers and yet, people do not consider art important.

Our souls crave art and most people fail to realize that. People fail to see that art is not just art. The favorite song they sing is the artist’s soul. The words beautifully printed inside a book is worth sweat and blood of the writer who wrote it. Every stroke on the paintings they admire is the painter’s voice, trying to get through them. Every tiny detail – whether of a painting, a song, or a book – came from an artist’s soul. Everything that they see is a part of an artist’s mind, body, and soul.

What people do not realize is that that scene from that certain book wherein the main character’s brother died probably happened in the author’s life. They do not realize that that certain line of a song was what the songwriter once believed. People do not realize that whenever they criticize or judge an artwork, they are actually nitpicking its artist’s soul.

Whenever people say snide remarks to a painter, they expect him or her to strive better. They do not even consider the fact that the heavy strokes on the top right corner of the canvas might resemble the scars etched on the painter’s wrist.

Whenever people show disappointment when a student from high school says that he or she wants to take Fine Arts in college, they do not know (or maybe they do and they just pretend they do not) that they are degrading artists in the worst way possible. Not only that they are degrading artists but if they tell the same kid that he or she should take up Law instead, they are imprisoning an artist inside a cage who could have been the next William Shakespeare or the next Vincent Van Gogh.

I still hope that one day, art and music class will be taken seriously. One day, people will stare at artists with amazement and pride just as they do with lawyers. I hope there comes a time when a whole room will be packed with readers of all ages (adults too) because of a book launch or a book signing. I hope I get to see an art exhibit with people crying outside the venue because passes were immediately sold out. I hope I get to see a mother bragging her friends that her son’s painting will be featured in an art magazine. I hope that one day, I could walk in the midst of my old classmates and announce to them happily that I was able to pursue my dream and I have finally become a writer. I hope they don’t reply with judgmental looks. I hope they answer with: “Really? Can you reserve some passes for us on your book signing?”.




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