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Autumn’s Fall

Once, there was a girl named ‘Autumn

Her hair was ebony black like that of Snow White’s

Her skin was pearly white like that of a mermaid’s

And she had eyes brown like a chocolate bar


Over the years, she learned many things

Her friend Joanna died of cancer on January

Thus, she concluded that life is just temporary

“Life should be cherished,” she told herself


Seven years later, Autumn fell madly in love

Tom was so perfect that she became mad and sane whenever he looked at her

Oh but Tom! Tom crushed her poor heart and soul

Autumn was devastated that she questioned Him above


Despite the drops of snow on that unfaithful day, Autumn ran

With her bare feet and shattered heart, she headed to her home

She knew that her mother’s warm embrace would heal her

Her father’s rare smile would surely calm her storms


Upon her arrival, Autumn realized she was wrong

She saw her ruthless father hurting her mother

She looked at her coward mother who has been sobbing three hours long

Instead of seeking comfort, Autumn went upstairs


Inside her room, she did her best to hold back her own tears

Autumn tried not to listen to her mother’s soft sobs and her father’s loud voice

Then she opened a drawer and held the cold deadly metal between her fingers

“People are temporary and so is life,” she whispered so no one would hear


A new day started with orange leaves falling

Autumn’s mother was crying louder than she did the day before

Her father’s eyes looked sad and sorry all of a sudden

And all of this was because Autumn had fallen




"You need to get lost before you find yourself" likes: coffee ☕ || rain ☔ || books 📚 || music 🎧 || writing at 2 AM :)

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