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random #9: me

The curls of my reddish black hair. The imperfect arc of my brows. My slightly crooked nose. The little curve of my lashes. The brown color of my irises. The sound produced by my lips whenever I speak. The indefinite shape formed by the lines on my palm.

Every sad spark my tears make. Every eye smile I show the world everyday. Every unpredictable movement of my hand when I’m writing. Every high-pitched squeal I make when my favorite song plays. Every muffled yawn of mine whenever I’m sleepy. Every shade of gray under my eyes. Every heaved sigh I make whenever my expectations fail me.

I am me.





"You need to get lost before you find yourself" likes: coffee ☕ || rain ☔ || books 📚 || music 🎧 || writing at 2 AM :)

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