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random #5: the kiss

The minute his lips touched her skin, her mind went berserk. Seconds later, everything sank in. He kissed her on the forehead. She knew she was supposed to feel secure and warm and all… But this certain negative feeling surged upon her – fear. She felt it – the spark everyone talks about. She felt the chills, the butterflies…everything. And that moment, she knew she loves him dearly. That moment, she was supposed to look at him lovingly but her brows betrayed her and they knitted without her permission. Her eyes depicted sadness and fear. That moment, she knew he was capable of driving her mad and sane at the same time. That moment, she secretly drowned in her own thoughts. Just what if he leaves? It was only a kiss on her forehead and yet he was able to drive her insane. She can’t accept the truth that she had fallen for him. She just can’t. And she ran away…from him. From the idea of their ‘us’.




"You need to get lost before you find yourself" likes: coffee ☕ || rain ☔ || books 📚 || music 🎧 || writing at 2 AM :)

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